NYC Art Installation

NYC Art Installation protects your art with a degree of unmatched expertise in the industry with quality and accuracy. For so many years, our New York art installation company has served the fine art sector  from residential to commercials and beyond that, by providing high-quality NYC art installation services.

We are a team of art technicians, art experts, inventors, and project planning, trained art installers. We are a group of multi-talented individuals that focus on innovative art installation solutions for galleries, museums, private and corporate collectors throughout the NYC area.

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Our Services

Whether you're moving to a different house, changing your present setup, or getting ready for an exhibit, our New York Art Installation services can help. We handle all your art, whether household or commercial, professionally and appropriately.

Art Installation

Our NYC Art Installation services can assist you with any residential or commercial project. We have the expertise to install artwork in a magnified manner to present and display your art beautifully.

We keep your art collections protected and safe. Unloading, unpacking, and installation of artworks in galleries, museums, etc, are efficiently handled by our expert crew. We can accentuate the visual attractiveness of any art layout with our expertise.

Mirror Installation

Not only art, but NYC Art Installation expertly handles mirror installations as well on your property. We spare you the time and trouble and figure out the best approach and technique to get the mirror placement right. 

Our New York art installation staff provide a stress-free mirror installation with the greatest aesthetic outcomes. We handle your mirrors with utmost care and create a beautiful spatial arrangement for a visually-appealing look.

Picture Hanging Services

Art hanging services, provided by our highly qualified crew at New York art installation will help you with hanging all the memorable pictures and frames in a planned manner that enhance the aesthetics of your residential property, museum, or exhibition. 

We utilise our expertise to position your valuable artworks in the ideal location to complement the ambience. With the aid of our New York art installation services, we can take the worry out of all your picture hanging needs anywhere in the NYC region.

Collection Management

High-resolution pictures, brief condition assessments, and inventory control are just a few of the services we provide for art collection management. We provide full inventory management that validates precisely what you have and what quality it is.

NYC Art Installation successfully manages your inventory with carefully curated sections for your various collections. Our experts are trained in managing your fine art collection, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Sculptures, & Household Item Installation

Wall sculptures and other personal objects are difficult to install. As a result, we strongly advise hiring a trained installer for this job. Our qualified team provide comprehensive safety for artwork, sculptures and other items. 

Experts at NYC Art Installation chain and fasten large frames and paintings with hooks, and fix the foundations of sculptures, vases, and other items. We take your safety extremely seriously and also ensure the longevity of your belongings.

Art Placement Consulting

Through tactical positioning across your area, we give professional help on picking art layout that will both represent and compliment your style and aesthetic. We carefully evaluate your floor plan to determine the right art placement.

With the design you've chosen, we make smart selections to produce the most striking and vibrant end result. Through the artistry and expertise of deliberate arrangement, we plan to make your property visually appealing.

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Why Choose Us?

Our team and associates at NYC Art Installation ensure that every customer we engage with receives quality services. We strive to go beyond norms to meet your art installation requirements.


We work with art professionals and management companies at NYC Art Installation to guarantee that your art is treated properly. Our experienced staff members customize solutions to match customers' demands.

Professional Team

Our dynamic team is able to forge key alliances throughout the globe with many art professionals. Project coordination, safe handling solutions, customized planning, art unboxing, collection management are our specialties.


NYC Art Installation is dedicated to both the art and its clients. We have so many long-term clients because of the excellent quality and precision we constantly offer our clients.

Tried-And-Tested Procedure

Our art installation procedure is proven and evaluated by experts. We meticulously unpack and arrange everything, irrespective of size or weight, with the right tools and techniques to ensure secure installation.

Personalized Approach

Our team works with you from the beginning to the end of any assignment, from project planning to execution. Each art is expertly unpacked, delivered, and installed by our professionals.

Careful Installation

We acknowledge that every artwork is exceptional and unique. Each item of your inventory is handled by our skilled handlers in a very distinctive manner and will be installed securely.